Blogging 108: Fun, Fulfillment and Profit

(Minimalist Course)


We will begin the first tutorial on our Blogging 108 course today, which is broken into 5 modules. The course outline are as follows:

Module 1: The Basics

  1. What are blogging platforms? Web 2.0 – wordpress; blogger; weebly; livejournal; tripod; typepad etc.
  2. Setting up – create account; template; designing
  3. Knowing its features – homepage; inner pages, categories

Module 2: Creating Content

  1. Short overview of writing
  2. What are keywords? Topic selection
  3. Uploading content – adding hyperlinks; image; video

Module 3: Marketing

  1. Podcasts; videos; link building
  2. Social media – twitter, fb, pinterest, diggit, linkedin
  3. Joining forums, communities

Module 4: Monetizing

  1. Setting up Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate links
  3. Guest posting/paid advertising articles

Module 5: Maintaining/Expanding Audience

  1. Guest posting to other blogs
  2. Blog commenting
  3. Directory listings

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