From Obscurity to Stardom: 5 Secret Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

blogging tipsBlogs are all over the web and their sheer number may exactly be the reason why it’s common to see blog sites come and go. With so many people aspiring to be part of the exciting blogosphere, the concept has become so saturated that one’s blog has to be particularly innovative to be able to stand out among the thousands, even millions, out there.

Whether you are maintaining your blog for personal reasons or you envision it becoming a source of passive income, you certainly wouldn’t want your own space on the web to just remain in obscurity for all eternity. At some point, you may have to look into these suggestions and find a way to be part of what people consider as “mainstream” – and perhaps, enjoy the perks of being an ‘internet sensation’ even for just a short while. If you want that, I say you must bookmark these blogging tips.

Secret #1: Don’t Follow the Herd

If you want a surefire way to make your blog stand out, it’s as simple as thinking about a niche or topic that is totally out of the box and work your way up. Who knows – your affinity for pranks can just get the internet buzzing about your seemingly rad blog!

Secret #2: Facts Are Your Friend

While you don’t have to hire a team of journalist to dig the facts behind every statement you make in your blog, you have to be honest with the source of the information you share with them. This means that if there is any fact that needs verification, it would be a good practice to share the links from where you got them from.

Secret #3: Sell with Controversy

When you want to drive more traffic into your blog, you shouldn’t be afraid of a little controversy, especially one that may catch the attention of some disagreeable folks. They may throw some nasty comments on one of your posts, however, you can gain more page views and a wider readership in exchange.

Secret #4: Do Marketing the Subtle Way

Though advertisers may be instrumental in keeping your website running, it’s your readers who give you that leverage over other blogs of the same niche. Don’t stuff your blog with dozens of interactive ads and affiliate banners like other blogs do and you’ll surely attract a sizeable number of loyal followers who are out in search of sensible information.

Secret #5: Write with Passion

Readers tend to gravitate bloggers who have a unique voice. They want to hear from a strong standpoint so show your passion whenever you write a post. It’s also a great way to keep them engaged as well as keep them coming back for more.

With these tips, you’ll have a good start to making your blog be known to the virtual community and become the star in your blog’s niche.

The best of luck!




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