Top 3 Tips in Getting More Followers for Your Blog


So, you’ve finally got a blog. You’ve written a couple of posts, but no one seems to be reading them. Or if they are reading them, they aren’t taking any action – leaving a comment or sharing it with their friends. In a world where blogs need followers in order to grow, how do you get people to read your blog, interact with it, and take action? Here are three simple tips:

1. Provide great content

Let’s face it, if you have interests, there is bound to be an authoritative source on that subject. Take books for instance. There are sites like Book Riot that provide lots of good articles about anything book-related. However, the presence of this site hasn’t stopped different book bloggers from achieving success too. What could be their secret?

Well, it all lies in being you and providing unique content that isn’t rehashed from authoritative sites. Yes, they can be used as inspiration, but the thoughts and commentary should be your own. Your opinion may be a bit different, but at least they are your own. THAT is one cornerstone of providing great content.

2. Be social

Your blog cannot stand on its own. Writing without promoting is like jumping off a waterfall – knowing you can’t swim – and hoping that there is a raft that will emerge and save you. Make use of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks to find like minded people to interact with. Share links to your articles, provide meaningful tweets, share related links. When you do these, traffic will surely follow.

3. Harness the power of interaction

When people leave comments on your blog, reply, even if it’s just to say a simple “Thank you.”

End your posts with a question that will fuel conversation in the comments section then participate in the discussion that follows.

Always remember that building a following may take a while, but constantly providing great content, sharing on social media, and interacting on your blog will definitely increase your followers over time.


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