Top 3 Tips to Maximize Social Media for Your Blog

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Most bloggers these days are turning to social media for an audience and traffic to their sites. But there are those who are exhibiting lesser progress on their quest for both. Perhaps what they are doing is wrong. If you want to maximize social media to your blog, here are tips that can be of great help.

Prominent Icons

Make it simple for your readers to read, connect and share by placing the social media icons on top of your website. They should not hunt around just to find the Facebook button or Twitter handle, but should be able to easily click on it.

Use Links Shorteners

With the use of link shorteners, you will gain more access to metrics, which allows you to know how many people have clicked on your buttons and what time. Having this data allows you to experiment various on how to improve your content as well as know the perfect time to post it.

Join Blogger Groups

Blogger groups can provide outstanding resources for blogging problems that you may encounter, especially when it comes to social media. That’s not all! Members of these groups are not only good in providing solutions, but they also like to read other members’ blogs. Being said, this might be a good opportunity for you to gain more traffic and links. But don’t forget to return the favor. If you promote other people’s blogs, they are unlikely to do the same for you again and again.

Blogging is a cool way of expressing your thoughts and experiences over the web. It is also a good opportunity to earn money. Good thing the social media is helping bloggers obtain their goals these days. This is why you need to maximize it so you’d be able to get the benefits it offers.


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