Feasible SEO Strategies for Small Business Blogs

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A couple of years back, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seemed like a tool that any organization – affluent or not – could easily access. Over the past few years, it has become the opposite and that’s largely because low-cost tactics have lost their power due to the recent search engine algorithm changes.

As a consequence of such changes, many online businesses, especially those that don’t have sizable budgets, are finding it difficult to achieve their SEO goals. Although the next logical step from there is to approach SEO experts and companies, the fact is that these virtual start-ups often don’t have enough money to access such services.

However, this isn’t the end of the road for those small businesses aspiring to make it big on the World Wide Web since there are cost-effective ways to make their e-commerce sites visible on search engines. Read on to know some of such strategies.

#1 Publishing Quality Blog Content – By far, providing useful, timely, and engaging content in one’s blog or website still stands as the most effective SEO tactic any entrepreneur can use. The problem here is that many business blogs don’t have enough logistics to generate interesting content consistently. In this case, content curation may come in handy. It’s basically putting up a blog on a specific subject matter that is relevant to the business’ niche and collecting or citing digital content from trusted sources.

#2 Linking with High Authority Blogs – When a small online business’ goal is to gain a degree of credibility as well as tap quality links, it may be wise for them to provide guest posts on quality blogs. By offering remarkable content on such domains, the business blog can establish itself as an authority of a given niche as well as improve referral traffic.

#3 Maximizing SEO Expertise Tactically – Besides capitalizing on free SEO tools available online, one will eventually have to approach a SEO agency down the road. Now, if the startup can’t afford to get into a long-term contract with one, the organization can seek and work with experts who sell hourly or monthly consultations – a smart and cheap way for them to assess how far their current SEO efforts have gone.


Image from www.seojunkies.com


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