Top Money Making Online Programs for Bloggers

Who knew that writing about your thoughts, travels or products — if you own a business, will make you money? It was unheard of until the internet became a source of anything and everything, and blogging came to existence. These days, spending a few hours in front of your computer can be productive and lucrative.

Like most things, however, money in blogging doesn’t come easy. There are tips and tricks that you must learn to actually generate an income. What you earn won’t always be a fat paycheck either, especially if you’re just starting out. So before you start blogging, you might want to prepare for disappointments along the way. This doesn’t mean that you should be discouraged, but you should accept the realities in writing blogs.

How do make money from blogging, then?

  1. AdSense

This ‘contextual’ advertising program from Google is one of the most popular ways to earn from blogging. This works when a publisher adds a piece of code that tells Google what your page is all about. It then serves ads related to your topic, increasing the chances that subscribers and readers will click the ad. When they do, you’re likely to make money too. What’s great about AdSense is that it’s easy to use and is proven to help you earn. You’re not the first blogger to benefit from it, after all. This should boost your trust in it.

  1. Affiliate Programs

In this arrangement, your blog acts as a broker that is paid to attract and then send traffic to a particular website. Although the pay depends on the number of people who actually visits the site and buy a product or subscribe to a newsletter, it can add up to big money. Imagine how much you’ll earn if you set up a number of affiliate programs in different blogs?

  1. Amazon affiliate program

From the name itself, you can pretty much guess how this arrangement works. Considering that Amazon is one of the biggest retailers on the internet, you can bet that attracting clients would be easy. What are the odds that one of the million shoppers in Amazon would click on an ad in your blog? Of course, your associate program must be relevant to your page, so people would have a reason to check out a product.

  1. Continuity Programs

These refer to sites where you get a recurring income from people who subscribe to the product or service that you offer. It has been used in marketing strategies to attract and retain customers. All you need to do is launch an ongoing promotion, which, in this case, is your blog.

  1. E-Book Sales

Since you’re already writing blogs, might as well venture into something bigger, writing e-books. Although completing one won’t be easy or quick, it’s a great way to make your talent work for you. If you hit it gold, you could be the next celebrated self-published author. But don’t expect too much initially. Most e-books sell for just under $20. If you gather enough following, however, it could add up. The bonus? You make money from doing something you really love.

Becoming a blogger is fun and an adventure all on its own. Like most adventures there are obstacles that you need to overcome. Once your blog takes off, you can then enjoy the brighter, more lucrative side of things. Of course, you must ensure that the content you provide is reason enough for subscribers to keep coming back for more.



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