6 Simple SEO Tips for Beginner Bloggers


Integrating SEO into your blogging shouldn’t be a hard task. Here are some simple tips to get you started:

  1. Break your content into sections

When you write content for your blog, it helps to separate these into different sections or subheadings if you will. Make use of the H-tags as this makes it easier for search engines to know what your post is all about.

  1. Pictures aren’t just for visual attraction

If you use your own photos in your blog posts, it’s best to optimize them. Take time to fill out the title and alternative text (a description of the image) too as Google checks on these for image searches.

  1. The power of linking

When you write a new post and can refer to a previous post that you wrote, by all means, link to it. Plus, if you find a great resource that will help readers understand what your talking about a whole lot better, link to it as well.

You can also link to your site from other blogs that you are active on. However, don’t get too carried away because Google will punish you. The links will come as you keep creating content.

  1. Don’t be too obsessed with keywords

The key to blogging is to write as naturally as possible. You don’t want to sound forced in your posts by inserting keywords you think will bring you traffic. How you write your content, how it gets shared and how you promote it is what matters.

  1. Sharing goes a long way

SEO and social media go hand in hand. You can’t just publish content without letting other people know. Whether you’re on Twitter or Facebook, post links to your newly published blog posts. And do make use of hashtags to widen your content’s reach. Also, share the link at different times of the day so it reaches audiences in different time zones. Take a look at some of the popular accounts on Twitter and notice that they share the same content more than once each day.

  1. Leave comments and answer them

Responding to comments increases traffic. It may be time consuming, but you should take the time to do it. When you visit related blogs in your niche, leave comments too. This is called relationship building and is key in getting your blog noticed.

These are just the basics, but they help get you started in the world of blogging and SEO.



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