How to Promote the Right Content?

Words have never been more powerful than those used online. No SEO strategy will be complete without content that is keyword-rich, relevant and original. In fact, content was such a powerful tool in optimization that it was abused, prompting Google to develop Panda, an algorithm that targets low quality content with high bounce rates.

This greatly improved website content, but raised the bar in terms of promoting it. Don’t worry; there are effective ways to get Google and online users to notice your content.

Make sure your idea will stick

Finding an idea that can cause something similar to a last song syndrome is no easy feat. This might also inadvertently lead to a mental block. Well, just think of any idea and then verify it against the six core parts of sticky principles — simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional and tells a story.


Know your audience

To whom are you talking to? Who are the people you want to reach out using your content? Getting to know your target audience is essential, especially in the emotional aspect. It will be hard to connect with them on an emotional level if you don’t have a grasp of their behavior or how they will react. To this end, carry out customer intelligence, market research or use FullContact, a tool that lets you gather information about your audience.

Promote effective content

Using Google Analytics, you will have an idea which content has greatly contributed to conversion. You can then promote it as a top content through organic outreach, paid or both. Just don’t overspend on it, as a content page is relatively low in terms of conversion, compared to product pages.

Learn from competitors

Got a competitor who’s leading the race? Find out what they’re doing to succeed and see if you can use the same thing. You can also find ways to add a twist to their process and make it completely your own.

Writing content is not easy. Promoting it? Even harder. But, by following the steps above, you will also succeed.

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