5 Highlights from CES 2015 Day One

CES 2015 runs from the 6th of January all the way to the 9th. In that span of time, new technologies will be introduced and showed off, all of which will have an impact on consumer technology in the following months.

For such a large event featuring the biggest names in the tech industry, there’s only so much you can digest. A lot of products and innovations will surely stand out in an event such as this, and here are the most noteworthy:


Car technology


Tech is already ingrained into our vehicles and auto manufacturers just showed what the future of car technology will be. Ford introduced Sync 3, their Smart car platform, last month but went a little in depth at CES. The company suggested that cars will act as data collectors in the future to help with adapting to road conditions, finding spaces for parking and even customizing insurance for drivers.

Apart from Ford, BMW also showed the new touchscreen and gesture controls for its iDrive interface. On the other hand, Pioneer showcased their NEX series in-dash multimedia receivers which features Android Auto integration.

Intel’s RealSense


The press conference of Intel highlighted lots to look out for. For one, they focused on RealSense, a system that makes use of a 3D camera in order to detect depth and gestures in real time.

Intel also introduced a security application for RealSense called True Key, which is a facial recognition tool. Apart from that, the chip manufacturer also promoted robotics applications with iRobot devices capable of detecting and moving through three-dimensional spaces. They also highlighted the use of RealSense by drones in order to avoid obstacles while flying.

Dell’s new products


Dell unveiled quite a few products to look forward to. One of which was the XPS 13, a compact and lightweight laptop which is the smallest 13-inch device in the world. They also promoted refreshed versions of their popular Alienware gaming laptops.

Smart homes


Just as tech invaded cars, they too are coming into our homes. A highlight of the smart home solutions were the first HomeKit – a feature of iOS 8 that sees your home connected to your iOS mobile devices – accessories for Apple devices. iDevices and iHome showcased two accessories that make use of the HomeKit platform.

Another highlight was the security system of MyFox, a European security company, which aims to prevent crime before it happens.

Pet technology


Better tracking of pets was provided by Tagg with its heat-sensing pet tracker. But not to be outdone was Motorola who showed off their Scout 5000 device, a GPS-enabled device that not just allows you to see what your pet sees but also allows you to speak to it.

All of these wonderful technologies in just a day at CES. Only time will tell when you get to see these products in actual use.



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