Does writing advice really help?


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People vary vastly in their approach to work or play. So when I see a lot of writing advice doing the rounds (including my own), I’m rather skeptical.  Unless the advice is really specific, regarding tone, structure, syntax or something else, it serves little purpose for me beyond motivation, which, admittedly, is a huge part of success in any endeavour.

Some of the advice comes from writers themselves, when a dry spell probably compels them to write about something and what better a topic than the one they know most about—writing?

A lot of the impetus for writing about writing comes from a high demand amongst readers, who would be writers, and are looking for some magic recipe that will tell them how write. They expect such instructions to be clear and bulleted, exactly like the ones on how to put a bookshelf together or how…

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Writing Memoir on Social Media

Wonderful read, for those you pencilpushers out there.


I’m doing something in the room and The Boy walks in stealthily from behind me and suddenly there is a shower of bubbles in the air and lots of childish laughter. I turn my face and I see a host of bubbles floating up and up and up towards the light, their shiny surfaces catching the light and turning them into iridescent rainbow hues. It’s hard to tell how each bubble will float away, where it will stick and when it will burst.  But together they transform the room.

Actually I’m not just sitting here doing something. I’m writing yet another blog post. It isn’t unusual at all, while I’m writing, for a childish face to peek in and insist on typing a word or two or close a window or want to check out a blinking light below the touchpad. But bubbles? They are new.

The bubbles floating…

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Spring In Park City: Part 2


Eric E Photo

Evening Walk

My last post about spring here was on March 24 and looking back at the photos, it feels like a completely different version of spring than what we see here today!  Spring is a beautiful time of year no matter where you are.  Life begins, green emerges everywhere and animals seem happy.  People seem happy.  The days are long and life seems good all around:)


I wasn’t in Park City last year during this time as I was on the road.  The previous years I wasn’t as engaged in photography as I am now.  So this spring feels special to me.   I’ve been outside shooting almost daily and I’m in constant awe of the changes taking place so quickly.  Flowers are popping out everywhere and the wave of green is creeping up the mountain.  It is a good time of year to be a photographer, do doubt:)  Plus, it is…

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Look Up: On Family and Memory

Amanda Mininger

My brother came to us in an airplane when he was one and I was two. He left Guatemala and traveled in the night sky across jungles and sea with a woman from the agency who soothed him over the noise of the engines. They landed on U.S. soil and he was delivered—small, malnourished, with big round eyes—into the arms of our expectant family.

It’s fitting that his new life with us began at night under the stars, because my brother is Mayan, descended from that proud, ancient civilization who looked upward to the constellations. They followed the movement of the planets and the path of the sun, plotted courses, predicted events, developed a calendar. Makes me wonder: could they have read in a comet’s tail how far away their sons and daughters would end up, or what their fortunes would be?

Almost at once this new child pulled on…

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